Melanie Figueroa

Lanes/Lines: Urban Vignettes

Feb 1 – Mar 28, 2020

Melanie Figueroa depicts the authentic chaos and fleeting calm of urban life with everyday intensity. Capturing scenes of familiarity, Melanie’s paintings evoke the comfort and nostalgia of the environments that silently shape our lives.

Join us for Melanie’s reception on February 13 | 5-8 pm!

On Now

Corinne Cowell

Quiet Voices: Fading Prairie Memories

Dec  7, 2019 – Jan 25, 2020

Integrating photography with acrylic paint to express thought provoking stories and to remind us of the  prairie hardships and triumphs of the past. 

Join us Dec 12, 2019 | 5-8 PM  for the artists’ free reception!

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