Jennifer Park

True North: Faith in Nature

Dec 8th – Jan 26th

Imagine nature as religion. Animals and plants as saints and forests as temples. Reverence, worship and devotion, wonder, awe and adoration. 

Natural wonders, natural treasures, natural icons – transposed by paint, wood burning and metal leaf into inspirational masterpieces.

Join us Dec 13th 5-8 PM for Jennifer’s reception!

On Now

Sarabeth Carnat: Sublime

Nov 3rd - Dec 29th

Fine art jewellery exploring quality of light and texture of Alberta sky and landscape.

Internationally recognized artist Sarabeth Carnat showcases her talent in “Sublime”, an exhibition of unique, wearable metal paintings of the Alberta landscape along with elegant, fine jewellery creations using exquisite and unusual stones.

Stacey Maddock

Fractured Mandalas

Oct 6th – Nov 30th

Stacey’s designs are inspired by the spirituality of nature and mandalas. Mesmerizing patterns broken or interrupted. Rather than disruptive, these interruptions contribute to the richness, reflecting the ebb and flow of life.

Shona Rae

Re-Imagined Narratives

Oct 18th – Dec 15th

Journey with Madwoman Extraordinaire Shona Rae through 22 wearable sculptures inspired by fairy tales and the archetypes found in the Higher Arcana of the Tarot. Each sculpture contains moveable parts, hidden compartments and rich insights into the human psyche.

 The Nickle Galleries

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