Jill Nuckles

Small Conversations

September 7 – 28, 2019

Inspired by Victorian cabinets of curiosity produced by an era of exploration and discovery, Jill Nuckles needle felts a glimpse into another world, time and space.

Join us Sep 12, 2019 | 5-8 PM  for Jill’s opening reception!

Sonja Nevens

Magic Circles: Revealing Wonder

Sept 7 – Oct 26, 2019

Throughout history, the sacred geometry of nature – circles, squares and triangles, have been used to seek aid from non-physical realms. Sonja Neven explores her deep fascination of the magic circle as a place of emotion, intuition and spirit.

Join us for Sonja’s reception on September 12 | 5-8 pm!

On Now

Stephanie Elderfield

Quiet Beauty: Scenes of Wild Alberta

July 6 – August 31

Exquisite jewellery channeling the naturalist movement of Art Nouveau through scenes of the wild Alberta landscape. Stephanie brings her pieces to life using rich coloured metals and unique gemstones.

Join us July 11, 2019 | 5-8 PM  for Stephanie’s free reception!

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