Shona Rae

Shona Rae’s lifelong interest in myth and stories is the foundation for her art.  In today’s tech driven society, she believes it is important to use her hands, heart and mind to create singular objects that serve the human inclination to adorn our person and environment with meaning and beauty.

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Owl Time

Coming Soon…

Wearable Pieces: Owl Pin, Hand of Time Brooch


Skeleton Woman

Coming Soon…

Wearable Pieces: Sugar Skull Locket, Heart Drum Pendant



Coming Soon…

Wearable Pieces: Skeleton Arm Earrings, Sugar Skull Locket, Hat Pin


Where Have They Gone?

Buffalo Bride sings over the bones of her father to resurrect him and when her husband, the Buffalo leader discovers she can do this he allows her to return to her people if she promises to do this for the buffalo. This story is all part of the ritual of driving the buffalo over a cliff in order to harvest them efficiently. The Buffalo Bride is given the charge to care for the future of the herd which is in line with the philosophy of the Native American people to be responsible for the welfare of the natural world that sustains them.

The concept of resurrection or creation from bones is universal, Eve was created from Adam’s rib cage, the Hindu goddess, Kali stamped her consort, the Lord Shiva, to bits but from that destructive act came rebirth. In Egyptian myth Isis sings over Osiris’ body parts to resurrect him.

Wearable Pieces: Two Buffalo Lockets, Bird Pin


Big Buffalo

“Big Buffalo” began with the gift of a buffalo bone that was so old it had begun to petrify. It was dug up from a housing development close to my home that use to be a buffalo jump. The Native American plains people would herd the buffalo over cliffs close to the river so they could process the meat, bones and hides for their sustenance.

As I gaze out at the landscape that is now inhabited by human dwellings and highways I wonder where the spirit of these magnificent beasts dwell now. Where will my essence and those of my fellow human species exist once we have driven ourselves to extinction?

Wearable Pieces: Buffalo Head Locket


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